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Why do I need Eazy Fix?

Eazy Fix sounds great and looks amazing, but I have been just fine without it. Why do I need Eazy Fix?
We will try to answer this question from the perspective of fix different PC users.
Regular home user Janet
"I am a regular home user, I only use my PC for checking emails and browsing the Internet. I have little hiccups here and there some times, but I haven't had a major computer crash in 2 years. Why do I need Eazy Fix?"

You need Eazy Fix for the same reason you have Anti-virus software. You most likely do not get a virus every month or every 6 months, but your could get a virus in your next email. You might not have a major PC problem in a year, but a system crash could happen during next restart. Eazy Fix provides you the sense of security that you have an "insurance". Whatever you do to the system or whatever happens to your PC, you know you have good snapshots that you could always go back to.
Techie Tom
"I am an advanced PC user. I build my own system with the fastest and greatest hardware and software. I can write some code and hack my way through the Windows registry. I help my friends to fix their computer problems. I don't need no software to fix my PC problems, I can fix all my PC problems. Why would I need Eazy Fix?"
As an advanced user, you really put your PC to work. You visit all kind of web sites, you download and install all kind of trial software that you come across online. So at the end of a week or month, you feel your system is slow, your desktop is messy and you have ton of programs that you want to get rid of. It's true, you can clean them up and optimize it by yourself, but it takes time. It could take you hours to clean it up, and you are not learning anything new from doing this every month. How about just rollback the PC to the "nice and neat" settings that you had with a simple reboot? That's what Eazy Fix can do for you. You need Eazy Fix and you will love Eazy Fix once you get used to it.
Salesman Steve
"I am a salesman for a furniture company. I spend 2 days a week on the road. I use my laptop for everything, it's the most important tool for my work. I am fairly technical running the system and software. I backup my system and data religiously. Why do I need Eazy Fix?"
Steve is what we called a mobile professional, it's an ever increasing group of people who works from home or away from office. To them their computer is the most important tool. When their computer is working, they can do 90% of their work regardless where they are. When their computer is not working, they can't get nothing done. Because they are often away from the office, they don't have IT administrators to help them to solve computer problems. Eazy Fix might be the best utility they could have for their PC. Just picture this:
Steve checks in a hotel, he needs to get online to check his email and download a power point presentation that his colleague sent to him. For whatever reason, he cannot connect to the hotel's network. For whatever he did, his laptop's network settings is "messed up". Steve's got this important meeting tomorrow, he really doesn't have time or is not in the mood for any PC troubleshooting practice... If Steve has Eazy Fix on his laptop, he would take a snapshot of the PC when he gets in the hotel before connect it to the hotel's network and check emails...If something is not right, Steve can instantly return his PC back to the snapshot before the problems and give it another try. The benefits of Eazy Fix is obvious.
School IT administrator Mary
"I am an IT administrator for a high school. We have two people in the IT department, we have a total of 400 desktops in our school. Other than managing the network and servers, we have to support all student's desktops. Why do I need Eazy Fix?"
You need Eazy Fix for one reason: reduce desktop PC maintenance by up to 90%. Install Eazy Fix on the PC workstations and create an automatic rollback schedule. Regardless of what students may attempt to do, such as erasing files, installing software, downloading programs or deliberately tampering with registry settings, the workstations will rollback to their pristine condition upon restart, making the workstations perfectly configured and ready for the next user. Eazy Fix releases you from the daily unconstructive, distressing and repetitive PC maintenance tasks.
 Software beta tester Bryant
"I am a software beta tester, I test 4 different kind of antivirus software. I need clean and separate systems to test each software, I have a system image that I re-image my system with before each test. Why do I need Eazy Fix?"
Eazy Fix will make your job as a software tester easier, faster and more efficient. Instead of creating multiple system images, you create multiple snapshots with Eazy Fix. Each snapshot contains nothing but the OS and the software you are testing, you can switch back and forth between snapshots in seconds. You can access another snapshots to retrieve testing logs or program data. You can take new snapshots as progress indicator for each test case, You can reset the PC to the baseline with a reboot and make it perfectly available for the next round of tests...As a software tester, you will see the benefits of Eazy Fix as soon as your try it.
 Corporate IT admin. Fred
"I am an IT admin for a multinational company, we have all sort of PC users within the organization. We have a setup that all users' data are saved on the servers which we backup daily. When there is a problem with a PC, we just go re-image it with a Ghost image, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to rebuild the PC from scratch. Why do I need Eazy Fix?"
You need Eazy Fix for variety of reasons:
1. Eazy Fix can reduce your system rebuild time from hours to minutes.
2. Eazy Fix can help you to improve your existing PC management process. For example, one of the your responsibility is to push out new software patches to PC workstations. What if a patch has problems, you push it out to 300 workstations, 20 of them won't start up after reboot...With Eazy Fix, you can take a snapshot of the workstation before pushing out patches, if some workstations won't start up, no problem, just return it back to the snapshot and try the patch again.
3. You have a workstation that's been acting up. You spend hours to troubleshoot the system and only to find out later that it has a bad memory... With Eazy Fix, you just reset the PC back to its baseline snapshot which is suppose to be the clean, prefect baseline system. If the system is still acting up in baseline, you know it's not software, it has to be something with hardware.
The bottom line is that Eazy Fix give you a "second chance" when it comes to desktop management, how you use the "second chance" in your favor is really up to your management.
The Answer
You don't have to fly in order to go from one city to anther, walking can get you there too. But it takes 2 months to walk rather than 2 hours to fly!
You don't have to have a computer to store your files. Shoe boxes can store all your records, but it takes 1000 shoe boxes than 1 PC!
You don't have to have Eazy Fix, you can fix PC problems using whatever method you have, but it takes hours than seconds!
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