We don't promise to make your PCs problem free,
but we promise to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!

Windows Time Machine Solution

The power to restore PC to any given point in time
Don't waste time troubleshooting PC problems
Corporate, Small business, Home users
Eazy Fix

Windows Time Machine Solution gives you the power to instantly undo common user errors and serious system problems on your PC. It eliminates the hassle and headache of fixing PC problems. It allows you to return your PC to working order without ever knowing what went wrong. Don't waste time trouble shooting, simply undo the problems.

  • Dynamic and continuous protection
  • Instantly recover the PC even if Windows fails to start
  • Have a peace of mind there are "good systems" to return to
  • Do not require technical know-how to fix your PC problems
  • Have the freedom to experience everything with your PC
  • Configuration management
  • Instantly refreshes computers to their optimal working state
  • Significantly lowers Total Cost of Ownership of Technology Assets
  • Ensures consistent configurations
Why Eazy Fix?

Eazy Fix is simply the easiest and fastest PC rollback software in the market:

  • Non restrictive design, freedom for user to user system without restriction
  • Do not require hidden partition or reserved space to install
  • Takes very little disk space
  • Create a new snapshot in 5 seconds
  • Extremely fast, restore a 1TB hard drive in seconds
  • No boot disk or third party media required to recover the PC even if Windows fails to start
  • Roll-back and roll-forward
  • Rollback the system but keep the current files
  • Rollback files only
  • Automatic rollback schedules
Mission Statement

EAZ Solution is dedicated to deliver software products with
one simple philosophy: solve complex problem in an easy way!

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