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How to Configure Baseline Shield for Windows Update

Baseline Shield
Restore at restart
Apply Windows updates while the PCs are set to restore baseline at restart
Temporarily suspend reboot and restore while apply Windows update
Restore at Restart Keeps Systems Clean

Baseline Shield's restore at restart feature resets PC workstations to its baseline during restart. It lets PCs to start-up fully functional and with desired system configurations. Regardless of what user may attempt to do, such as erasing files, installing software, downloading programs or deliberately tampering with registry settings, PCs will rollback to thei pristine condition upon restart. Restore at restart feature is an ideal setting for schools, libraries or Internet Cafes.

Windows Update Keeps Systems Safe

PCs connected to the Internet are facing constant threat from viruses, spyware and other malware. Microsoft and antivirus providers are scrambling to put out new system updates and virus definition updates almost everyday to patch the security threats. It is critical to keep your PCs patched with the latest Windows update; however, apply Windows updates or system updates is a challenge for the PCs protected by Restore at Restart product, especially the update process requires reboot.

How other Restore at Restart Products Handle Windows Update

This is how other reboot and restore products in the market handles Windows updates or other system updates:

  1. Disable protection
  2. Reboot PC
  3. Apply Windows updates
  4. Enable protection
  5. Reboot PC


  • Need to disable protection before applying updates, therefore no restore capability for the updates failure
  • Require 5 steps

How to Configure Baseline Shield for Windows Update

Baseline Shield only needs one step to install Windows updates:

  1. Set a scheduled time to install Windows update in Baseline Shield UI. That is it!


  • Apply Windows update without disabling protection. Having ability to "Restore the Last Good Known" if the update fails.
  • Easy and fast.
  • Set it and forget it.


You have a lab of 40 PCs, you configured Baseline Shield to restore the PCs to baseline at restart. You scheduled the PCs to apply Windows update every Sunday from 10am to 12am.

This is what Baseline Shield does "behind the scenes":

  1. At Sunday 10am, Baseline Shield automatically restores the PCs to the baseline, so the PCs are clean for apply Windows update.
  2. After the restore, Baseline Shield disables its Restore at Restart setting, so if the Windows Update needs to restart the PCs, the Update will not be restored.
  3. Then Baseline Shield starts Windows Update process.
  4. When the Windows Update is completed, Baseline Shield automatically restarts the PCs to make sure the Update is completed.
  5. Baseline Shield updates its baseline to include the Windows Update and then enables the Restore at Restart setting.
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