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Baseline Shield Product Highlights

Easy and Fast Setup
Setup only takes one minute. Setup does not require or create a hidden partition or reserved disk space.

Flexible Deployment
Deployment utilities provided to help you to effortlessly deploy Baseline Shield with customized program settings to a network of PCs using variety of options.

Drive Protection Selection
Setup Baseline Shield to protect entire hard disk(s) or only protect selected partitions.

Access Control
Baseline Shield program consoles are password protected from end users.

Hide Interface from End Users
Hide all Baseline Shield program interface from end users.

Absolute Workstation Integrity
Baseline Shield protects PC workstations from ANY software problems including user sabotage, virus infection or program faults.

Instant Re-Baseline
Reset PC to baseline instantly during restart.

Instantly Update Baseline
Instantly update the baseline to include the current system configuration and software without interrupting work in progress.

Flexible Restore Settings
Restore baseline when: user logoff Windows, system restart, user logoff and system restart, 1st system boot up of the day, daily, weekly or only when you want to restore.

Windows Update
Configure Baseline Shield to automatically apply Windows Update into the baseline.

Last Good Known
If you do not like the new software or configuration changes made to the PC, you can still go back to the Last Good Known system.

Emergency Restore from Recovery Console
If new software or configuration changes made to the PC while it's in the manual restore mode crashed the system, You can still recover the system from the pre-OS recovery console.

Free Network Management Console
Baseline Shield comes with a free network remote management console.
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