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System and Data Security Solution

System and data security with simplicity
Prevent unauthorized access to system and data even if the PC is stolen
Business travelers, someone who wants to secure his/her PC from unauthorized access
Eazy Fix
PC Lost=Data Lost

According to a Gartner report, over a million laptops were lost or stolen in 2014. Loosing a laptop is a double-dose of bad news, not only are you confronted with the fact that your (at least) $500 PC is now gone, perhaps forever, but you also have to deal with the possibility of data theft. Ask any executive today; “What is more valuable, the PC and all its software or the company data stored on the PC?” the answer is the data. Systems can easily be purchased, data is much more difficult to replace, thus more valuable. How do you protect your valuable data from unauthorized access if your laptop is stolen?

What can Eazy Fix Do to help?

There are software products in the market that allows you to encrypt system and files to prevent unauthorized access, but if the data theft takes the hard drive out and plug it into anther PC as the secondary drive, they could bypass most of those file encryptions, ouch!

Eazy Fix provides you an easy and powerful data protection feature from a whole new approach. By simply check the “Enable system protection checkbox”, you will encrypt your snapshots and prevent unauthorized access to your system and data at boot level. Eazy Fix data protection feature encrypts snapshots from the disk’s sector level, thus making it a very strong encryption solution.

Why Eazy Fix?

Eazy Fix System and Data Security Solution gives you the peace of mine when it comes to data protection. With a simple setting, you know that:

  1. You are the only one can start Windows O.S.
  2. Your data is vaulted and encrypted in snapshots.
  3. Your data is safe from data recovery tools.
  4. Your drive is protected from been explored as secondary drives.
  5. You can hide your confidential data in encrypted snapshots.
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