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Eazy Fix Remote Management Console (RMC)

"We can fix our clients' PC problems in seconds and do it remotely over the Internet? It's too good to be true!" --- Aaron Baker, Info Systems

If you manage a network of computers across a local or wide area network; If you want to remotely fix client computers' problems without leaving your seat; If you want to remotely manage the Eazy Fix clients; You need to have Eazy Fix Remote Management Console.

What is Eazy Fix Remote Management Console?

Eazy Fix RMC provides IT administrator a user friendly graphic interface to see and manage all the Eazy Fix protected systems in a LAN or WAN.

How does Eazy Fix RMC work?
  • Eazy Fix RMC is a client/server architecture.
  • You install the client component, Eazy Fix, on client workstations.
  • You install the server component, Eazy Fix RMC, on a network server or IT administrator's desktop.
  • You configure the client workstations to connect to the Eazy Fix RMC by IP or computer name.
  • You open the Eazy Fix RMC console to view and manage all the connected clients.

What can Eazy Fix RMC do?

Eazy Fix RMC allows you to remotely manage pretty much all the features of Eazy Fix as if you are right on the front of the client workstation.

  • Group client workstations to logical groups
  • Restore client workstations by group
  • Snapshots client workstations by group
  • Configure client workstation settings
  • Create server based scheduled tasks
  • Wake up client workstations
  • Restart client workstations
  • Shutdown client workstations
  • Browse client workstation snapshots
  • Delete client workstation snapshots
  • And much more...

Who can use Eazy Fix RMC?

IT administrators who have multiple license of Eazy Fix clients installed over a local or wide area network.

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